Dr Alexa will see you now ...

AMAZON’S virtual assistant Alexa is set to answer the health questions of its owners thanks to a link- up with the NHS.

Alexa will be able to search the NHS Choices website for information for an answer that is verified by health experts.

It is designed to help patients who are elderly, blind or otherwise unable to easily use the internet take more control of their healthcare, but also to reduce the burden on the NHS.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Technology like this is a great example of how people can access reliable, world- leading NHS advice from the comfort of their home, reducing the pressure on our hardworking GPs and pharmacists.

“Through the NHS Long Term Plan we want to embrace the advances in technology to build a health and care system fit for the future.” Tech experts say by 2020, half of all information searches will be voice assisted. 

Leigh tested it ...

It's not fully up and running just yet.