DVLA refund scam WATCH OUT!

There's a simple answer to this, it's definitely a scam as the DVLA do not issue refunds via text.

A scammer began posing as the DVLA this week. Posing as the agency, the hackers began contacting customers through text messages, stating they were owed a refund of around £50.

To claim the ‘refund’, all they had to do was click a link and enter their details. However, sharp customers took to Twitter instead – asking the official DVLA account if the texts were legit. Some of which worked out it was a scam just seconds after receiving the text (because they don’t have a car).

In the message, it said: ‘We have recalculated your vehicle tax. You are owed £48.84 due to over payment. Click the secure link to claim your refund.’ Replying to the questions, official DVLA staff members told drivers to ‘just delete it’ and not to click on the link.

They later confirmed that the DVLA does not send texts or emails when it comes to refunds. A DVLA Spokesman said: ‘We don’t send emails or text messages that ask you to confirm your personal details or payment information. ‘If you get anything like this, don’t open any links and delete the email or text immediately.

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