Get Alex out! The world has turned on Love Island's Dr Love...

Last night was an uncomfortable watch on Love island.

Alex won the hearts of the public with his chivalry, manners and gentlemanly character, but many viewers' perception of Dr Alex changed on Love Island on Monday night after he lost his cool and launched into a massive rant with Ellie.

The 27 year old hit out at 20 year old Ellie, accusing her of playing a game, while she told him he was 'too tense, formal and hadn't made her laugh once'. She explained awkwardly yet politely that the chemistry wasn't there.

In the tense showdown, he said: 'I think a lot of people might look at what you've done and think you might've played a game.'

A lot of people are upset with him that he's had a go at Ellie because she doesn't fancy him, however he did save her the day before from being booted from the villa. If Ellie hadn't expressed interest in Alex maybe he wouldn't have coupled with her, and she may have gone home.

Ellie has claimed that Alex is robotic and awkward with her, and to be fair their first proper kiss was terribly awkward.

Frustrated:  Ellie told him: 'I did not come into this villa and say, "Alex is the guy for me" at all'

Alex 'Why didn't you say "I don't feel this, I feel so uncomfortable".'

Hitting back, Ellie said: 'I don't know why you're acting cocky because it doesn't suit you. Everything is very tense, you're very formal, you haven't made me laugh once."

Twitter was torn! Well it's all kicking off, Alex and Ellie are off and from tonights episode it looks like Megan is making a move for Wes! 






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