Giant mutant brown house spiders are on their way in - Here's how to keep them out!

So how do you get rid of them? Thankfully, there’s a few tried-and-tested ways to keep the eight-legged fiends away from homes (although it’s very, very hard to get rid of them altogether).

Chalk/Peppermint oil

Spiders ‘smell’ with their limbs and they’re not keen on the smell of chalk. Or if you can stomach your entire house smelling like toothpaste, use diluted peppermint oil instead

Sweep round the outside of your house.

If you’ve got piles of wood cuttings or grass around your house, they’re good hiding places for spiders – and the next stop is indoors.

Light citrus candles

Spiders aren’t keen on the smell of citrus, so Citronella candles are said to help repel the creatures.

Turn off outside lights

The light calls to them. Insects go towards lights, spiders go towards insects!


It’s meant to kill ants, but it works equally well to deter spiders.

Caulk up holes in the wall

Seal up your home. Spiders will find it more difficult to get in.

Spray vinegar in corners

Spiders ‘smell’ with their limbs and a squirt of vinegar should put them off going into an area.

Get a cat.

Spider problem solved. 

Tidy up

Less clutter means fewer hiding spaces for spiders.

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