Katie Price has revealed how she unlocked her husbands phone to get the proof she needed that he was cheating!

Katie price has revealed the trick she used to unlock Kieran Haylers phone after she suspected him of cheating on her.

‘He kept accusing me of stuff and it was annoying me because I knew he was probably cheating,’ she began. ‘Anyway, one night when he was asleep, I got his finger and pressed it against his phone so it unlocked it, and there it all was. It was all there.’

Katie Price has revealed that her ex-husband Kieran Hayler cheated on her again with a "19-year-old who works in the Co-op".

"He'll never change and I just can't stand him. I should have split up with him when he first cheated on me, but I was so determined to make it work. Right now, I feel like I've wasted five years of my life with him." Katie has two children with Keiran, Jett and Bunny.

It's not all bad news for Price when it comes to her love life, however. She now has a new boyfriend – fitness instructor Kris Boyson – who she's convinced is the one for her.

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