Teachers reveal the gifts they do and don't want ...

It's always lovely to say thank you to your most excellent teacher at the end of the school year, however there's only so many mugs and bottles of wine they can take home! So what would teachers prefer?

According to a survey, 74.4 per cent of teachers prefer a group gift voucher with a lovely message and a group card rather than a candle or mug.

According to the research, any card with words of gratitude or acknowledgment is appreciated far more than a mug, hand cream, chocolate, perfume, pen, candle, plant or stationery.

“A whole class gift voucher works a treat, although as a teacher any form of appreciation from a student or parent is treasured,” one teacher said.

“Food made by the children sounds lovely but we’ve seen where those fingers have been.” Says one teacher.

“Definitely pool gifts with either the whole class or other families if cost is an issue to avoid 20 boxes of chocolates."

Some teachers have said what they'd prefer to have...

Yoga accessories


Fine Jewellery


High end headphones,


Posh wine glasses 

We think a heartfelt poem goes a long way, feel free to steal ours.

"Roses are red,

violets are blue,

you're an awesome teacher,

thank you!"

You're welcome, from Leigh and Claire