The date the two Severn Bridges become public property has been revealed!

It's official, both Severn Bridges will become public property January 8th next year.

This means the tolls are to be scrapped later in the year. This has been confirmed by the Government.

The UK government claims it will boost the economy of South Wales by around 100 million pounds annually, and save regular car commuters 14-hundred a year. It currently costs car users 6-pounds-70 to enter Wales, and is free crossing the other way. About 25 million journeys are made across the two bridges each year. Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns said the decision would be a major boost to the local economy.

"The decision to abolish the Severn tolls next year sends a powerful message to businesses, commuters and tourists alike that the UK government is committed to strengthening the Welsh economy," said Mr Cairns. "I want to ensure that visitors and investors know what Wales has to offer socially, culturally and economically. "Most importantly, I want the world to know how accessible we are to business."

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