What small item sold for $7000 at Russel Crowe's auction of movie memorabilia?

To celebrate his divorce (or to make some money back ....) Russel Crowe sold a whole lot of movie memorabilia. 

He was rumoured to be delighted as he raked in $3.7MILLION from 'Art of Divorce' auction after selling huge haul of movie memorabilia including armour, costumes and even a chariot.

But what small item brought in $7000? From Cinderella Man ... it was Russel's jock strap... Classy.

Other items which sold were a breastplate from his 2000 Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator sold for $125,000 during the auction. A Roman chariot replica from the same film also sold in the auction's early stages for $65,000.

Well he's got to pay his rumoured divorce bill of  $31 million somehow?

Buzz and Woody are back!