Here's where the money goes with Cash For Kids!

We had a call from Rhian this morning who works with Calan DVS - based next to Neath Train station. Calan DVS look after women and families who have been subject to domestic abuse. They give them safe refuge, a roof over their head, money and food on the table. They also give these families vital anonymity. 

One famiy came to Calan DVS late one night last week...

A family of 4: Mum with 3 children 2 daughters aged 5 & 11 and a son aged 14 years old. The woman has been married for 20 years and during this time has experienced physical, emotion and psychological abuse, which has not just affected her but the safety of 3 her children.

The family fled their home  during working hours for their safety with only the clothes on their back as Mum was only able to grab some pyjamas without raising suspicion. Mum came with only the change  in her purse as she couldn’t access the joint bank account.

This family entered the refuge empty handed: no clothes, no food, no toiletries, not even a toothbrush! The kids had to leave all their toys, pets, school books and phone chargers at home, leaving all their creature comforts.

Christmas can be such a stressful time of year, with shopping and organising Christmas. Mum had to leave all the children’s presents behind creating more anxiety in an already painful and stressful situation. They are all feeling a great sense of loss and isolation at time of year.

We wanted to help, so after such a success with our Christmas Cash for Kids auction which raised £40,000 thanks to the people of South West Wales, we've donated £1000 to Calan DVS to help them help families like the one above this Christmas.

Listen to Rhian from Calan DVS talking about the families that need help this Christmas


www.calandvs.org.uk and you can follow us on twitter and Facebook. For individuals who may wish to speak with us you can ring 01639 633580.

Individuals may also wish to look at the information on the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline website or contact 0808 80 10800 for information and support.

I hope this is helpful and thank you again.

Merry Christmas to you, the team and all your listeners.