Meet baby Nev - Claires 'royal babber'

Badger decided to celebrate the imminent arrival of a royal baby courtesy of Wills and Katy Cambridge, by giving Claire a baby. Don't panic, it's a 'ready or not tot' From Gower College Swansea.

It's a digital baby, which means it needs a lot of attention, feeds, nappy changes, the lot! Badger will be monitoring how attentive to Nev's needs Claire is, and just to let you know, Badger has 'the keys' that make sure Claire's doing her job right!

Keep listening to Badger and Claire at breakfast to see how Claire get's on.

Claire really is taking this seriously, and just to prove it, she was a bridesmaid yesterday, and she still attended to all Nevs needs!

Nevs ready for the heatwave that's hit Wales. 
Though he does resemble baby Carlos from 'The hangover'.

Claire's even roped in her 6 year old neice to look after baby Nev...

About time Claire got him a nice new outfit!

Nev even filled his face at Claire's family BBQ on Sunday, he loved it!

Though some people are questioning Claire's 'carrying technique.'

Claire takes her dedication to a new level looking after Nev... he went with her to the supermarket!

Some people complained about the way Claire travels with Nev, so lovely Liz Parker has donated a car seat!

Thanks to Siany for Nev's outfit, he's ready for the new season!