The no make up selfie!

Well done to everyone who has taken a #nomakeupselfie and has donated to cancer research.

No one knows exactly why or when the phenomenon started, but it's resulted in a surge of donations over th epast few days.

Over £1,000,000 was raised for cancer research in the first 24 hours. Imagine how much has been raised by now?

I joined in the craze and donated, I hope you've either posted a no make up selfie or you've donated - or both!

Another great way to help raise money for cancer researh is by joining Race for Life!

We've got two races in our area, Llanelli June 15th and Swansea Museum Green July 27th. You can even join my team 'Scotty's Hotties' and we'll help beat cancer together. I can promise it's going to be a really emotional day and lots of fun too!

Find out about joining race for life by clicking HERE
















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