If you spot a TEAL PUMPKIN this Halloween, this is what it means!

If you are over the age of thirty, you probably remember carrying around a Swede on Halloween.  It's only over the last 15 years or so, that the Pumpkin has taken off on our shores as the true symbol of Halloween. 

Trick-or-treating is a traditional part of Halloween when accompanied safely by an adult.  After all the world is not as innocent as it once was. That being said, food allergies seem to be a lot more  'in our world' now, too.

For kids (and their parents) with any allergy, being careful of what they eat can be a pain, especially on a holiday like Halloween!

Enter 'The Teal Pumpkin Project'.  If you spot a Teal Pumpkin outside a house, you will know that it's occupants are aware of food allergies, and want to help those that suffer from them (and their families). 

Handouts would not be sweets and chocolate....  but stickers, glow sticks and balloons. 

find out more about the Teal Pumpkin Project at it's Facebook page. 

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