Behind the Beep

Every afternoon we play "Behind the Beep". It's your chance to win some awesome goodies!

We ask you to identify what word we've disguised with a beep-beep!

Current Behind the Beep

... Day 24 on 23rd September!

Clue (1)... It's something you can watch! (2) on the TV

Wrong Guesses
Jude Law
Home Alone
The food served
The character
The person
Bugsy Malone
Phone Number
Guinea Pig
A Monkey (Random!)
Ed Sheeran
The losers
The programme
Larry the Cat (The no.10 cat!)
To restructure
The Television
The People
Peaky Blinders
The Team
The Dance
The series
The Film
The Dark Crystal
The Stars
A concert
Magic Show

Lines open after 4.10pm during Drivetime (Close at 4.30pm)

Behind the Beep #18

On day 17 it won by Claire from Gorseinon. The '9 letters' (clue) were Guinea Pig!

Behind the Beep #17

On Friday 26th July, on Day 25 after 66 incorrect guesses we finally found a winner! Well done Meleri for correctly identifying that Craig David was on about "Mel C" also known as "Sporty Spice!"

(The two clues, a person who's a female)

Behind the Beep #16

It went on day to Becky. Tim Allen was talking about 'Ken Doll' in the latest Toy Story movie!

Behind The Beep #15

It went on Day 16 on Tuesday 18th June! Tori correctly guessed that Katy Perry was talking about the 'School Run'... (The clue that was given, "something some of you get up to during the week")

Behind the Beep #14

On Friday 24th May, After loads of wrong guesses, It was Tracey from Penllegaer who on day 20(!) told us the correct answer, that was "Deodorant"

The two clues that were given. It's something you can use everyday / Something you can buy in a shop.

Behind the Beep #13

... went on Day 13! Harry who's 8 guessed correctly that the answer was "U.K"

(CRYPTIC CLUE was... It's an abbreviation but commonly used)

Behind the Beep #12

Correctly guessed by Simon on day 2, the word was BREXIT!

Behind the Beep #11

Guessed correctly on day 5 by Joanne! The word was Flying Elephant...

Behind the Beep #10

After a record 18 days, 42 guesses (some repeats) it was Steve who was victorious, guessing the word behind the beep was 'Bristol'. (Ninette Howard / Mum of Russell Howard who's famously from Bristol, which in turn is a 7 letter word beginning with B)

Behind the Beep #9

After 11 days, It went to Simon from Cwmavon who was spot on with the guess 'feel better'

Behind the Beep #8

It went on day 4 to Carlton from Townhill!

Pink was saying it was 'a trip'

Behind the Beep #7

After 42 wrong guesses, It finally went after day 14 to 9 year old Alexandra from Penlan!

The word Little Mix were saying was 'essential'!

Behind the Beep #6

It was won on Day 7 by Tracey in Penllegaer!

Phillip was commenting on the wonderful Rochelle (Humes) on This Morning when Holly went to the Jungle!

Behind the Beep #5

Well done to Elin from Ystradgynlais on Day 6 for guessing correctly the word behind the beep was "Tiffany"

Behind the Beep #4

Sam from Gendros guessed that the missing word was "baby"

Behind the Beep #3

Daniel from Bryncoch was spot on with his guess on Day 1!

It was the winner of the Apprentice 2018 talking about her new business partner 'Lord Sugar'

Behind the Beep #2

Helen from Neath was correct on Day 8 (Tuesday 18th December) of Behind the Beep!

The Take That boys were talking about 'The Band' which is in the 'West End' of 'London'

Take a listen ... 

Behind the Beep #1

Wednesday 5th December it was won on Day 8 by Tori in Parkmill.

She correctly guessed the word was "phone" - Scarlet Moffatt saying not having her phone for a while was a struggle in the Aussie jungle.