Lil' Rugby Reviewers

For the Guinness Six Nations 2019 we got 5 kids across South Wales to give their opinions on the matches, the players performances and giving their predictions on what the score might be too.

Wales Fixtures 2019

Week 1 - France 19 - 24 Wales

10 year old Elis previewed the game for us

...What did Elis think of the performance in Paris?

Week 2 - Italy 15 - 26 Wales

What does Hari from Swansea think?

... Following the game, Hari gave his thoughts on what he saw

Week 3 - Wales 21 - 13 England

What does Callum from Sketty think?

... After the massive Win, Callum shared his thoughts

Week 4 - Scotland 11 - 18 Wales

Abigail gave us her thoughts ahead of the 4th game

What did Abigail think after the tense game?

Week 5 - Wales 25 - 7 Ireland


Jac from Glynneath shared his opinions before the game

What did Jac think of the Grand Slam performance?