Mind The Gap

Jamie gives you the chance to win some money saving prizes after 5 every afternoon on Drivetime with 'Mind the Gap'

mind the gap sectional

How do you play you ask? Here's a handy step-by-step guide...

Step 1

During the week, make sure you're tuned in to The Wave after 5pm (There's loads of ways to listen, check them out here)

Step 2

Listen carefully to the clip of a song that Jamie plays on air ... you need to fill in the missing lyrics when the person says 'please mind the gap'.

This is an recent example...

Step 3

If you think you know the missing lyrics to the clip that's played on air (Not that clip above!), give us a call on 01792 896964. It tends to get very busy so keep trying if it's beeping at you...! (No entries are accepted by text / social media)

The lines stay open for around 10 minutes after the clip has been played.

Everyone who gets the answer right is put into a draw so if you call first, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll win.

Step 4

Jamie will say "lines are closed".

Shortly after that, he'll randomly pick 1 caller who's got the answer correct - who'll then reveal what the answer is on air a little while later!

Good luck!

Usual competition rules apply