Re-e-wind to 2009!

The calendar has switched to 2019...

So how about we re-e-mind you of some of the songs that have turned 10 this year?

Okay then?

We start with the Black Eyed Peas (who topped the charts in 2003 with Where is the Love!) - I gotta feeling was released in June 2009


Next up! Miley.

At the moment she's gracing the charts with Mark Ronson but do you remember this from 10 years ago?


It seems Gaga hasn't really had a break. She's up for a number of oscars this year for "A Star Is Born" but here she is with her massive tune from the album "The Fame Monster"


Baby faced Kelly Clarkson released "My life would suck without you" in 2009.

We all remember the words as if it's brand new right?


A 2nd one from Miley! The original, after it was covered by X Factor winner Joe McElderry (yeah who?)


Daniel Merriweather released "Red" in the May of 2009. It was played so much at the time, but his next few singles were less memorable


When Michael Buble released "Haven't met you yet", the video was a huge hit as was the song!

Buying Bananas whilst singing a tune.

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Another one from 2009?

Okay not quite, but it was used in the film "500 days of summer" which was released in 2009 which starred Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.



Last but one for now. Before she went mainstream, she was the cute country girl.

Taylor! Check this one out from 2009!


... And then there was this! It was for charity after all, during the run of the legendary Gavin and Stacey!



That's it for now. 

It was also the year we last saw Woolworths on our high streets and Carwyn Jones took office as the First Minister of Wales.

You never know - some of the above could feature on the rewind after 9am with Leigh and Claire!

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