50 Shades of Welsh

We asked you to help us write a list of the things which make us Welsh - here it is!


1. Popty ping is not a Welsh word for microwave! Popty means oven, ping is the sound a microwave makes – it’s a joke! The actual word for microwave is meicrodon.

2. People are named after their jobs Dai The Milk, Glynn The Fire, Carol the Post - all perfectly legitimate ways to refer to someone in Wales.

3. To meet anyone new in England is to endure one of only five opening gambits: “I love Wales - I went to Rhyl when I was six”; “Say something in Welsh!”; “YUCKY DAR!” (it’s yechyd dâ and see also “boyo”, never spoken by anyone outside of a Welsh impersonation); “Can you say the long place name?” (They mean Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, and yes, of course) “You can all sing can’t you?” (very much not).

4. A “cwtch” (rhymes with “butch”) is a Welsh word for a cuddle. Everyone can cuddle but only the Welsh can cwtch!

5. Sheep on the line is an excuse for a late train

6. 'I’ll be there now in a minute' is an undefined length of time

7. 'Who's coat is that jacket'? is genuinely not meant to confuse

8. Welsh cakes have to be eaten on St David’s day. That’s the law.

9. Daps are things you wear on your feet (see trainers)

10. The phrase 'I'm not being funny' suggests that something serious is coming

11. Over by there - this can be an indeterminate distance

12. Year/ear and here all sound the same

13. Tidy is not clean or neat it means ‘good’.

14. Buzzin’ doesn't mean happy or pleased - it’s the same as hanging (Which means ugly.)

15. Being called 'good boy' probably means a telling off is coming

16. Ridiculous is pronounced like this - ree – dic - luss

17. Hearing a welsh voice abroad is reason enough to talk to that person

18. Twin town can be quoted word for word by the age of 16

19. Being Welsh doesn't mean you know Tom Jones at least not the actual one

20. You have to spell your address to the call centre

21. Getting a mobile signal is still difficult

22. We do have indoor plumbing and do not use outdoor toilets

23. Paying to come home on the Severn bridge makes you consider driving around. Most of us know the long way back into Wales where you don’t pay the toll and will use it to not pay the toll, despite the fact it probably costs that much in petrol

    24. Never, ever pronounce a 'g' on the end of a word. For example: Singin', dancin', and preferably don't use an h at the beginning of words like 'angin' (hanging).

25. You used to wear a daffodil or leek on your jumper at school – and if you wore a leek you’d probably eat half of it before dinner.

26. Half and half with a curry - chips and rice! We can't believe this is a welsh thing!

27. Dinner happens at lunchtime

28. Tea happens at dinner time

29. 'What it is' means a long conversation ahead

30. Explaining to your friends that no, S4C isn’t what you watch instead of ITV back home

31. Stinkin' doesn't mean smelly it means dirty.

32. You spend a lot of time trying to explain to English friends that not all Welsh people sound the same

33. Hearing at least three sheep jokes on every night out when you tell people you’re from Wales

34. You get weird looks when you have conversations with bus drivers

35. All bus drivers and taxi drivers are called ‘Drive.’

36. Holiday drinking starts at the airport

37. Laver bread is technically Welsh sushi

38. Being a rugby fan isn't optional

39. School trips were always at St Fagans or big pit

40. At some point you were forced in to seeing an Eisteddfod

41. We don't mind a bit of rain

42. We like Phonics/Manics and Catatonia

43. We all know our National Anthem – and it’s obligatory to sing it out loud at the pub or at home before any international

44. We can take a joke about sheep but don't mock the rugby team

45. It's fine to dance to ANY Tom Jones song

46. Ed sheeran and his castle on the hill has nothing on us. We have a castle on every hill. Boom!

47. Everyone knows a Dai

48. Shorts in the winter is a thing, flip flops come out of the shoebox in February.

49. Everyone knows or says they know someone who's Welsh and famous. Everyone has a tenuous link to Leigh Halfpenny.

50. We say ‘love’ too much