Climb for Dara

They did it! They climbed Three Cliff's famous rock 

For more information on helping people with Parkinson's click here 

Dara's story ....

Dara is no stranger to the breakfast show with Leigh and Claire. 

She calls regularly for a chat and to contribute to the show with her husband and six children.

Today Dara called for a very different reason ... 

Dara (who is a mum of 6 and is the most positive and lovely lady we know) has decided to climb Three Cliff's Bay and then abseil back down to raise money for Parkinson's Cymru as a family member has recently been diagnosed.

She's also asked Leigh and Claire to do it with her - which they absolutely will - it's the least they can do to support Dara and her family. Even though Claire is terrified, we're with you Dara!

Listen to Dara chatting to Leigh and Claire here 


Dara has a family member who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease.  "In our family, we have faced many challenges on the road with Parkinson's over the past 2 years and we know there will me many more on the twisting road ahead. But we are a strong loving family and always try to make each other laugh, enjoy the day and see the positive in everything."

Leigh and Claire bumped into Dara and some of her family at Olly Murs In Singleton Park.

Parkinson's disease is caused by a loss of nerve cells in part of the brain. This results in uncoordinated body movements, shaking being the most visible symptom. There is no cure.

If you'd like to join Leigh and Claire to climb Three Cliffs famous rock for Parkinson's email Sally@ripnrock.co.uk now 

You can visit ripnrock.co.uk for more information on what these awesome people do

You can donate to Dara, Leigh & Claire right here and remember ALL money goes to Parkinson's Cymru - raising awareness of this cruel disease but also hopefully helping to one day find a cure.