Leigh and Claire called Sallyanne to give her some good news after a pretty rough start to 2018

Sallyann from St Thomas was left with a massive dilemma when she realised her late husband Aaron, (only 24 years of age when he passed away suddenly January 12th), had promised their daughter that for her 6th birthday she could go to see Little Mix in Swansea. With everything that had happened, they hadn't bought the tickets.

Mum Sallyann, who is 6 months pregnant with Aaron's child, then went on a mission to try to find Little Mix tickets not to let her 5 year old daughter Alyssia down. Sallyann had only gotten engaged on boxing day, to lose her fiancé cruelly a few weeks later. She is an absolute super woman but could not find any spare tickets to see Little Mix.

Don't worry, Leigh, Claire AND South Wales have got it covered with tickets and so much more. We can always count on you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and from Sallyann too.
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