Leigh and Claire's Homeschool


Every weekday morning we speak to a local teacher or teaching assistant as they set todays 'homework.' 
It will be a question or riddle for everyone to have a guess, not just the kids. 

Are you a teacher or TA? Would you like to set Leigh and Claire's 'home school' question for the day?  

Please email Claire@thewave.co.uk or leigh.jones@thewave.co.uk to take part or call Leigh and Claire any morning on 01792 896964 

Listen to Mr Williams from Bishopston Primary


Listen to Miss Leentfaar (Miss L) from Bishopston Primary 


Listen to Mrs Fear from Danygraig Primary 



Listen to Mr Astley from Coedffranc Primary 

Listen to Mrs Jones from Coedffranc Primary 



Here's is Mrs Winchesters question from St David's Primary 


Listen to Mrs Stevens from Pentre'r Graig Primary 


Listen to Mrs Rees from Awel Y Mor Primary School 


Listen to Miss Bacon from Blaenymaes Primary 



Listen to Mrs Lecrass from Penyrheol Primary 



Mrs Hainsworth a history teacher from Bath (originally from Llanelli)


Listen to Mrs Harris from Dwr Y Felin 


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Thank you Mr V from Llangynwyd Primary School 


Mr Harris Blaenhonddan Primary School 

(also known as Mr Fit) Get fit and learn Welsh with Mr Ffit!



Mr Chapman from Plasnewydd Primary School 



Celebrity teacher Mr Paul Potts


It was the return of Mr Williams from Bishopston Primary School 

(Claire Scott's brother)


Mr Owens from Blaenhonddan Primary School 


Mr Astley from Coedffranc Primary School 


Mrs Robinson from Coedffranc Primary School 


Deputy Head Mrs Roberts from Gwyrosydd Primary school 


Mrs White from Pentre'r Graig Primary school 



Mrs Minney from Clwyd Primary School 

Miss Tanner from Whitestone Primary School 


Answers are below (scroll down)






























































Mr Williams: A map 

Miss L: They are triplets 

Mrs Fear: 2 dozen (24) 

Mr Astley: 36 (6 x 3 x 2 = 36)

Mrs Jones: 31 (The sister is 6 years older) 

Mrs Winchester: None of them - there are no bananas up a coconut tree 

Mrs Stevens: The Knight - Mrs Stevens made it sound like she meant night time but used a homophone (a word that sounds the same as something else) 

Mrs Rees: 6 legs (four from the bed and two of yours as you walked in the room. All the animals are on the bed.

Miss Bacon: The letter M

Mrs Lecrass: Sir Tom Jones 

Mrs Hainsworth: A school house 

Mrs Harris: Plates and cutlery 

Mr V: 204 (there are 64 squares, but then there are squares of 2, 3, 4 etc and the board itself.)

Mr Harris: It was always Mt Everest it just hadn't been discovered yet! 

Mr Chapman: The score before any match starts is 0-0 

Mr Paul Potts: A demi semi quaver 

Mr Williams: The horses name was Friday 

Mr Owens: Pepi II (or Pepy 2)

Mr Astley: 192 

Mrs Robinson: One hundred and one 

Mrs Roberts: Your voice 

Mrs White: Seven (which becomes even when you remove S)

Mrs Minney: Banksy created a piece of art in Port Talbot called Seasons Greetings 

Miss Tanner: Grace is 22