Meet Claire


A is for alarm.
What time do you get up? 4:30am. It is an evil time.
B is for Beach
Favourite holiday destination? Florida. I'm a big Disney and Universal fan, so the other half and I spend two weeks every year there and will never ever ever get bored of it. Ever. Ironically we don't visit the beaches out there at all!
C is for Car
First car? It was a white Corsa. It was second hand when my brother had it so third hand when my sister and I learned to drive in it. I actually took my test in it, and the wing mirror fell off because my sister bumped it the week before.
D is for Dog
First and current pet? We've got 2 Pomeranians, 8 year old Pomeranian Milo and a puppy called Boo Radley. She is a nightmare, super cute, but a nightmare.
E is for Embarrassment
Most embarrassing moment? Whyyyyyyyyyy would I tell? I pretty much embarrass myself every morning, just tune in!
F is for Football
Who do you support? Swansea City FC and Wales AFC. Wayuuuuuuuuuuuuuls!
G is for Game
What do you play? I'm a big fan of party games - beer pong is a new favourite with my entire family, but we'll give any board game a go too. Speak out is going down pretty well at the moment too.
H is for History
Where are you from? Swansea. I went to Clase Primary School and Mynyddbach Comprehensive. I then studied Media, Drama and English at Gorseinon College (now Gower College) and went to Cardiff University where I studied Journalism, Film and Broadcasting. I managed to get a 2.1 (which most people don't believe, but it's true!)
I is for Ice Cream
Favourite flavour? JOES. That is all.
J is for junk food. It's my life I'm not going to lie, I hate cooking so I'd rather just pick something up. It's a little difficult being a vegetarian but I manage it.
Please don't lecture me on being vegetarian.
K is for Kettle
Tea or coffee? Black coffee with two sweeteners.
L is for Lumber
What’s the most trouble you got into as a kid? I've never got into trouble really. Maybe sent out of class for laughing, but I was always really good.
M is for Munchies
Favourite food? All of the food. Just all of it.
N is for Naughty
Who’s your celebrity crush? Tom Hardy is just awesome, particularly with his regular Cbeebies bed time stories. I feel like he's tucking me in!
O is for Optics
We’re at the bar, what would you like? Dark spiced rum and coke please! Or a dark 'n' Stormy would be nice. Or a glass of sauvignon blanc. Ta.
P is for Pet hate
What do you have an irrational hatred of? The sound of people brushing their teeth. And the word moist. It hurts to even type it.
Q is for Queen Vic or Rovers?
Corrie or Eastenders? I tend to dip in and out of 'enders but havn't for a long time.
R is for Region
What’s your favourite thing about the area? Our beaches. Can't beat them, and there are so many! From Porteinon, to Tenby, to Aberavon, to Caswell and Swansea Bay. I'd really like to visit Barafundle Bay someday.
S is for Sing Song
What’s your karaoke song? I LOVE singing 'You're the voice' by John Farnham. No one ever expects it and everyone's singing by the end.
T is for Toast
What do you have for breakfast? With a 4:30am alarm, there is no time for breakfast! Usually eat an apple at 9am, then pig out the rest of the day.
U is for Underwear
Boxers, y-fronts, knickers or commando?  No.
V is for Video
Favourite film? Cannot even begin to think of my favourite.
W is for Worry
What are you scared of? Zombies.
X is for X Ray Vision
What super power do you wish you had and why? I would love to fly! Who wouldn't? I'm also really short, it would help me not having to carry a footstool around my house to reach things.
Y is for Yellow.
My favourite colour.
Z is for Zip It
Last thing you wish you hadn’t said? I always say stupid things that make me look stupid. I wish I didn't say all of the stupid things.

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