Name something after Leigh and Claire

The boss said to Leigh and Claire 'get your name out there!' So they have. Literally. They're putting their name's on things. So what can you name after Leigh and Claire?  

Thanks to Juniper place in Swansea who named one of their signature cocktails after them. 

Listen to Leigh and Claire calling them up to check they really have changed it

We had a few more suggestions, this is one of our favourites from Nikita (although Leigh wasn't happy about it)

Llys Nini have got themselves involved! Now what have they named after us there...?

Email claire@thewave.co.uk leigh@thewave.co.uk with what you can name after us, or call 01792 896964

Cover art for Starships

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Wes Butters playing Nicki Minaj - Starships