The 12 Dares of Christmas with Leigh&Claire

Leigh and Claire set a dare every day on the breakfast show and you have to choose which of them does it!

Here's how it's gone so far ...

6 mince pies in a minute!

Claire managed 3, Leigh choked after 1.


The Wave's Christmas Fairy - who did you want to see walking through Swansea City centre as a Christmas fairy?


Who did you want to see as Santa's Little Helper in Aberafan Shopping Centre



Pull a Christmas Cracker!

Who did you want to see call the boss and flirt with him...? (Cringe)

5 HOT wings (sing it like 5 GOLD RIIIIIIIIIINGS)

Who did you want to see eat 5 hot wings?

(Both Leigh and Claire HATE spicy food)

You chose Leigh to take over Claire's social media ...


Cover art for Love Is Fire

On Air

Jamie Pritchard playing Freya Ridings - Love Is Fire