Vending Machine

The 7:15 vending machine with Leigh and Claire

(Which is at 8:15 during the kids school holidays)

Listen out for our very loud, very obnoxious vending machine claxon in order to play! Call us on 01792 896964 when you hear it.

At 7:15am every morning you can have a go on our vending machine for free to win some awesome prizes.

You could win...

One of our 8 booby prizes! Anything from losing your vending machine chocolate bar, a signed photo of Leigh dressed as a panto dame, or a 2015 Shayne Ward promo CD.

Wave pens and a free vend

Limitless family passes to the all new Limitless Inflata Park 

Tenpin Bowling Tickets

You can win a Lickely's slushie machine with a free syrup!

Costa coffee goodies - a coffee and a bacon roll

Bello Capelli beauty treatments

*A Sienna x spray tan – worth £15

*Eyebrow shape and tint – Worth £15 – (patch test 48 hours before will be needed for this product)

*Lash Volume lift – worth £35

*A Bouncy Blowdry – worth £20


Call them on 01792 896964 when you hear the vending machine claxon and hopefully you'll get to have a go on Leigh and Claire's 7:15 vending machine!