Vending Machine

The 7:15 vending machine with Leigh and Claire

Listen out for our very loud, very obnoxious vending machine klaxon in order to play! Call us on 01792 896964 when you hear it around 7:15am

You could win...

One of our booby prizes! Anything from losing your vending machine chocolate bar, to a signed photo of Leigh dressed as a panto dame.


Limitless family passes to the all new Limitless Inflata Park 

Tenpin Bowling Tickets

Vue Cinema tickets 

£50 Costa Coffee vouchers for the Parc Tawe drive thru

£20 fat face voucher 

Wave fidget spinners

Leigh and Claire alarm clocks


Call them on 01792 896964 when you hear the vending machine claxon and hopefully you'll get to have a go on Leigh and Claire's 7:15 vending machine!