Guess who is moving to Wales!!!!

According to McKenzie Post, legendary Hollywood actor Harrison Ford announced in an interview today that he was in the process of purchasing a home in Cardiff, United Kingdom.  He told the magazine that he was tired of the “fake people and bulls**t” in his current home state of California and was looking forward to moving to a place “where people are a bit more sincere and where I don’t get hounded by cameras every time I walk into town.”

It was reported that Mr. Ford has visited the area a few times over the years and eventually fell in love with it.  We’re not sure what the residents of Cardiff will think about his move there but we imagine he will have a warm welcome.  “I’m not giving up on my career.  I just want to move to a place that feels so different than what I’ve been used to for so long and I think that moving to Wales is a good move for Calista and I.”

There was no word on whether his Cardiff residence would be more of a full time or a part time residence.  Mr. Ford also owns homes in Los Angeles, Wyoming, and New York City.

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