About Phil Hoyles

Join Phil every weekday for 'Daytime' on The Wave.

Phil loves getting to meet the audience, so expect the show to be coming live from a venue near you, soon!!

Lunchtimes are competition time with Phil. With 'Can Ya Guess What It Is Yet', you will be exercising those brain cells with your sarnies!

He will also keep an eye on all the traffic and travel, news and showbiz to keep you updated through your working day, along with sorting out your tele for the night in 'TV On The 9's'

Every Saturday morning.... Join Phil for the Official South Wales Singles Chart. The Wave Hot 10 is the first chart to count down to number 1 every week of the year. With the Welsh Album, Movies, Ameican Singles and Games charts.... Why wait til Sunday?!

Phil is a 'Monkey'... no really! That's what people born in Morriston are called ya know! 'A Morriston Monkey'! Having always wanted to break into tv and radio it was only a matter of time.

At the age of 17 Phil hosted the 'Welsh National Chart' on the former Radio 5 on Friday nights (What is it with him and charts!!), he then got his first tv break by appearing in a string of tv ads; Mac Donalds, Esso Price Watch and and Irish Cheese. The cheese ad had one of those extreme close ups..... nice!

Phil Joined 'The Wave' in 1998 presenting on the weekends.

Phil can also be found online presenting 'webisodes', check out 'You Tube' for more details, or follow Phil on 'Facebook' or his tweets on Twitter @phil_hoyles

Phil's questions

My Favourite place to go out is:
Probably the movies! I love the cinema. It doesn't even have to be an awesome movie... I just love going.

My worst nightmare is:
Walking bare footed on concrete. It's a proper phobia. I get nightmares and everything!! That and cold feet. In fact cold feet on concrete just gets me twitching. Not nice.

If I could have any guest on my show it would be:
Einstein. He's the man. Kinda think he must've been a right cool bloke in his day. Just imagine the chat! That'd be so cool.

My biggest guilty pleasure:
OK, guess I should say cake or chocolate. I'm gonna run with 'Horlicks', though! I love that malted goodness.

My favourite holiday destination is:
Easy. NYC. Never been yet. Think I might explode when I finally get there.......