Scott Clarke

Scott is an Essex boy at heart. Just without the fake tan..He's been heard on the radio in Australia and the Middle East so knows how to get about a bit. He is now back in Blighty and keeps you entertained in the early hours of the weekend mornings. He claims to have once been asked to sign 10 autographs because he looked like John Newman (Not sure if that bit is true) and was the first person to interview Ed Sheeran after his big BRIT Awards 2015 winning night. When not talking and playing songs on the radio you can find Scott eating or tweeting, usually at the same time. We asked him some questions below:


Job: Weekend Overnights Presenter

Favourite Food: Tough one, usually all the foods but for this anything Mexican based. 

Ideal Weekend: I'm usually sleeping after being on the radio all night but my ideal weekend would involve a pizza box and loads of rubbish TV.  

Worst Habit: I talk to much, usually to strangers...give me a smile and that's it, I want to know your life story....

Hobbies: Going to loads of gigs and shopping, i'm a bit of a girl when it comes to shopping. I own 5 leather jackets. THAT'S FINE isn't it? 

Favourite TV Shows: Luther, Broadchurch and anything GRIPPING or funny. Can't be doing with all these period dramas.

Favourite Movies:  Favourite movie of all time is School Of Rock, I once watched it 4 times in one day! 


Find me on Twitter @ScottOnAir