Foot Print Hearts - Salt Dough Gifts

You can make this gift using your children’s, your pets or even your own footprints.

Make sure they are clean before you do this.  My son had just taken his sock off when he did it and navy sock fluff got stuck in it!!!

Roll out your dough and place on a baking tray.


When making your footprints try not to press too hard.  


Place the footprints in the shape of a heart.  I've got 2 boys so used 1 foot print each but you can always make individual ones. 


Remember to clean paws / hands after making prints as this has a very high salt content.

The dog wouldn't appreciate a belly full of salt after licking its paws! 

Now cut around to make a heart shape.


I used a toothpick to add the year and the boys names to the heart.

Next it's time to dry this beauty out.  I made mine quite thick and it took 24 hours on the lowest setting in my oven.

You need to dry it out and NOT cook it in the oven as it bubbles.  I made this mistake the first time I made salt dough.

Just remember to keep it on the lowest setting. 

You can also air dry - however this will takes days and days.

Now it's time to paint.  You can use any colours you choose.  Use acrylic paints to help seal the ornaments. 

Use a sealer (varnish, Mod Podge whichever you prefer) to seal your ornaments to stop them going soft.

Leave to dry.


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