Give A Jack A Jacket

Swansea City AFC launched a new charitable campaign in 2016 to help keep the homeless of Wales warm this winter.

'Give A Jack A Jacket' and aims to collect fan’s unwanted winter clothing to help the thousands of homeless people living in Wales keep out the cold.

“Between April last year and March 2016, nearly 7,000 households became homeless, equating to over 15,000 people. Whilst we can’t buy them all a house, what we can do is give them a jacket, hat or scarf to warm them up over Christmas. This Club is about more than the 11 players on the pitch and over the course of the season, we will continue to actively support, help and work with various members of our local communities,” said Jordan Harris, Swansea City AFC’s Marketing and PR Co-ordinator.

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There are collection points set up at the Liberty Stadium and around the city.


Jan Balsdon, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships at The Wallich, said;

“The Wallich supports hundreds of rough sleepers in Swansea each year who face harsh conditions, both from the environment and also from the loneliness that comes with being homeless. To receive jackets from Swansea City will not only keep them warm and dry, it will mean so much to them to feel like part of the community again.

“Forty per cent of the people we support in Swansea are young people, many of them are supporters of Swansea City. Our work with rough sleepers is the first step in helping someone to overcome their issues and turn their lives around. We’re really grateful to the club, fans and everyone who helps us provide for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Fans are invited to share photos of their donations on social media using the hashtag #GiveAJackAJacket.



Swans Feed The Homeless

After Saturday’s dramatic nine goal thriller, Fernando Llorente and Angel Rangel returned to the Liberty on Tuesday to show their support of the club’s #GiveAJackAJacket campaign.

Manning the kitchen, the duo – who were described as ‘superheroes’ by one of the guests - handed out food to a group of clients from homeless charity, The Wallich who attended the Swans’ soup kitchen this week.

As part of the charitable initiative, the Swans welcomed 85 people who are either homeless, or in temporary accommodation and use The Wallich’s services, to SA1 were they were treated to a hot meal, a Swans scarf as well as jumpers and jackets that have been donated by the Jack Army.

“We have come here to help the homeless people of Swansea,” explained Llorente. “I think this is a good initiative by the Club.”

“’I’ve always been interested in the homeless people of Swansea,” added Rangel. “I’ve helped them myself and a couple of years ago my wife and I gave foot to a few local shelters.”

After giving out food bags to take home with them, Llorente and Rangel took the time to speak to those in attendance, many of them Swans fans.

Aiming to help keep the homeless of Wales warm this winter, #GiveAJackAJacket has seen hundreds of donations in the form of hats, scarves, gloves and hoodies and coats which are being distributed to the thousands of homeless people living in Wales.

In addition to the soup kitchen and collecting jackets, the campaign has also seen club ambassador Lee Trundle accompany the charity on their morning breakfast run that helps to feed Swansea’s rough sleepers.

“It’s sad, especially at this time of year, to see people out on the streets,” said Lee, who also attended the event. “You don’t know what circumstance has put them there. Everyone’s got their own story and it was nice to go round and deliver them breakfast. It’s good that the Club are running such a great campaign.”

If you have any unwanted warm winter clothing that you wish to donate, you can bring them to our clubshops in the Liberty, Cwmdu and Debenhams Swansea where our donation bins are situated.

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