Loom Band Warning!!!

loom sectional

As children all across the UK embrace the new craze of making bracelets out of small coloured elastic bands - a doctor from Bristol has a word of warning for parents! 

The Loom Band fad sees children link together small, colourful rubber bands to create bracelets. You can use a loom or your fingers and a hook to create them - but one child was close to losing his fingers as he fell asleep with one of the bands wrapped around his fingers - thankfully the parent of the child went in to check on him half an hour after lights out.

The doctor - a mother of three herself - posted a photo of the child asleep with the band wrapped around his fingers - the ends of which have turned a dark bluey-purple colour as the bloodflow was restricted - with the warning to parents about the elastic bands on a mother's group on Facebook: "Please be careful with looms - zoom in on the fingers - the parent of this child thankfully went in to check on him half an hour after lights out." 

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