Footprint Bunny Cards

I love crafting with the kids so I've put together a little step by step guide of how to make these fab Easter Bunny cards. 

Great idea to keep the kids busy and fab presents for the family. 

You will need:

White Paint

Paper or Card (we've used orange)

Folded card (we've used yellow)

Felt tip pens


PVA Glue

First of all we painted the kids feet white and made footprints on the paper.  Remember you may need newspaper and wipes ready in case you end up with little white footprints on your floor. 

After they have dried cut out the footprints and stick to your card.

Then using a black felt tip draw around the shape of the foot.  Then you can add bunny ears, feet, face and of course a bunny tail.

You could also use pom poms for the bunnies tail if you have any - or even some cotton wool.

Then colour in the nose etc and voila you have a fab homemade Easter card!

'Hoppy' Easter everyone!


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