Matthew's House

With your help our aim is to provide a ‘home’ in the heart of Swansea for those who are most vulnerable. A building that is known for unconditional hospitality and hope – providing a lifeline for the homeless and others who need it.

Matt’s Café

Feed bellies not bins – the cafe with a conscience.

Vast sums of food are wasted globally and in the UK alone significant numbers of people are estimated to be under-fed and the demand on Food Banks has never been higher. The Project Network estimates that the UK creates an estimated 15 million tonnes of food waste every year. In the past two years the Network has intercepted 25 tonnes of food and served over 109,000 meals.


The innovative pay as you feel concept encourages people to think about what that plate of food means to them, and value it in whatever way they can. By choosing not to segregate people based on financial circumstances these cafes can be funded, but in a manner that neither patronises those who need it most and empowers others to freely support it. It provides the balance between the need for funding and the need for giving, but it does so in a very blended format – everyone is equal in being fed, it is up to the individual to pay what they feel.

Thom from Matthew's House tells us more about what the charities are about >>>


Our three pillars:

To reduce food waste

To feed those with or without funds

To provide opportunities for those who are long-term unemployed

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Homeless Period Swansea

Having a period whilst ‘on the streets’ does not bear thinking about! This initiative is to do something to make life that little bit easier for a woman who is faced with that reality. In such circumstances a woman will have limited or no access to sanitary products, or have to make a choice between food and basic comfort.

We are trying to help by collecting, creating and distributing Dignity Packs to vulnerable women (And men in time) all across our beautiful city of Swansea.


A typical Dignity Pack Contains:

Tampons/pads etc

Wet wipes and tissues

Underwear and socks

Small underarm sprays

Mints and gum

Lip balm/chapsticks


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