Remembering Kim Hodge

Sadly this week Swansea lady Kim Hodge passed away.

Kim was born with Cystic Fibrosis which is a genetic life shortening condition. However big the struggle it didn’t affect Kim’s life and her outlook. She lived life to the full and accomplished more than most of us. She was the life of the party and went to as many as she could (my kinds girl). Kim raised a huge amount of money for charities including her CF Research and Live Life Give Life supporting organ donation. Kim was thrown a life line when a set of lungs which she desperately needed were donated to her. Sadly a few months later this organ began to fail and on Monday the sky gained a bright shining star.

Matthew Wright and the team from C5 The Wright Stuff were huge friends of Kim’s after meeting her and working with her many times . They did a wonderful tribute to her on the show this week. I am honoured to have met Kim and always thankful of the work she has done for others including my godson who also has CF and my cousin who is waiting is also on the transplant waiting list for a kidney.

Kim you are our hero.  Read Kim's story in her own words HERE 

Thank you to everyone who have left their stories on our page to celebrate this wonderful woman.  To send us your wonderful stories please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Hayley Beddows shares her memories:

Kim and I met when I attended a fundraising event at the Manor Park. I was actually at the event to ask stall holders if they would come to a charity event for a family of a terminally ill local man that I was organising. Out of courtesy I asked to speak to the organiser, who was busy at the time but gave permission to go ahead and chat to the stall holders.  At the end of the event I approached to thank her and donate to the fundraiser, she asked me for my number so she could ring me and chat through anything I may need advice on. To be honest I never thought I would hear from this busy lady. However, sure enough I received a call from her and I told her the story and she exchanged hers. We arranged to meet for a cuppa, cake and chat. Little did I know that this would result in setting a president for our extremely regular cuppa and cake meets and resulting in my gaining 2 stone whilst due to Cystic Fibrosis she never did.   

She advised me on my event and was incredibly open with me about her CF that very first day, which she assured me was not normal to happen with strangers as she was very private and never ever wanted pity. So began an amazing friendship on an equal footing when she was wound up, I was calm and vice versa. When she drove the car, I was the one hanging off lampposts putting up event posters lol.

I will never forget the one day at one roundabout and having a massive sledge hammer to knock a sign into the ground and just as we finished and were running across the road and a police car passed us!!! Believe me a massive sledge hammer is not easy to conceal!  One of those had to be there moments and there are so very many, from mispronouncing things, to poking my head down the stair case as Olaf then my head fell off and rolled down the stairs and she nearly and coughed herself stupid.  And her face when I would just randomly give her flowers, because sun flowers were sunny and made me feel great just like she did. I would pop up and leave toffee cake on her doorstep when she was too ill to have contact or I was a threat with bad chest etc and chat on the phone or through the glass. LeCreme must wonder why their profits have gone down. No6hundred will miss her where we sat "like the muppets" on the sofa like it was a balcony nattering and giggling. I will miss all this but I will miss most the fact that this world will miss out on all Kim still had to offer and deserved to be given herself.  She has raised money, awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, better life appeal and Organ donation and above anything in life this was her aim, not for herself but for everyone's sake. There is so very much I can say and my heart is breaking even thinking these things. So I will leave others to tell their stories and know that Kim will be missed by more than she will ever have known loved her xxxxx My love to her Dad Jeff and Carole who will be bereft xxx

Anya shares her memories:

I've known Kim for many years and when younger was in total awe of her even though there was only 5 years between us. She was glamorous and drove a Porsche! I mean come on I was bound to be in awe wasn't I?? She was the life and soul of everything she did and everywhere she went. She lived life to the full and was never unhappy, you could always rely on Kim to make you laugh out loud! She even managed to talk me into doing a bikini car wash for The Better Life Appeal...and we had a blast! She has raised more than money she has raised awareness of the need for everyone to be an organ donor. I'm proud to have been her friend and am heartbroken. She was one in a million! Kim will be missed dearly by us all. Xxxx