Siâny's Secret Sound

Can you crack Siâny’s Secret Sound?  It’s your chance to win some lovely prizes including tickets to Tenpin Bowling, Parc Tawe.  One thing we can tell you is that the sound was recorded in South West Wales!

sianys secret sound

Take a listen:



Day 6 on Monday 21st May. 

4 tickets up for grabs to Tenpin Bowling in Swansea.

Wrong guesses - hammering in a tent peg, ring binder, Zippo lighter, knife hitting a plate, blacksmith hitting an anvil, coin a jar, letterbox closing, typewriter key.


WON - Well done to Simon in Swansea Marina who correctly guessed that this was the sound of a stick of celery snapping.  


WON - Well done to Andrew in Swansea who won Siany's Secret Sound on Day 6.  It was indeed the sound of a portable fan heater being switched on. 2 tickets to Tenpin Bowling in Parc Tawe & 2 tickets to Vue Cinema in Swansea.



WON - Well done to Sam in Port Tennant who won Siany's Secret Sound on Day 5.  It was indeed the sound of wet wipes/baby wipes being pulled out of a packet. 4 tickets to Tenpin Bowling in Parc Tawe. 


WON - on Day 8 Monday 16th April >>>

Well done to Martin in Swansea who guessed correctly that the sound is a Rubik's Cube!  He won himself 4 tickets to Tenpin Bowling. 


WON - on Day 14 Wednesday 4th April >>>

The answer was the lid being closed on a bottle of hand gel/sanitiser. Well done to Josh in Swansea who won all the lovely goodies below>>>  

Prize - 2 pairs of tickets to Tenpin Bowling AND a load of fab goodies from the Tomb Raider movie.



Well done to Gareth who guessed correctly that this is paper drawer of a printer being opened.


Well done to Chloe in Gorseinon who guessed this sound correctly on Day 4!

Some of the wrong answers:  Vending machine, nail gun, digger, microwave door, car door or car boot, teapot lid, toast popping.

It is the sound of headphones being plugged in!!! 


Well done to Carole-Anne in Neath who guessed correctly that Siany's Secret Sound is a Knife being taken in and out of a knife block


Well done to Dawn in Townhill who guessed correctly that Siany's Secret Sound is a teabag being taken out of the box and put in to a teapot. 


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