Thumb Print Hearts - Salt Dough Gifts

Why not try this with the kids or even your pets (make sure you clean paws and hands afterwards).  

You can make beautiful, personal and cheap gifts for your loved ones.

Use our salt dough recipe for these thumb print heart ornaments.


Roll out your dough and using a cookie cutter cut out some heart shapes. 

Using your thumb add 2 prints in the dough.


Using a straw make holes in the top of the heart.

Bake these on the lowest setting of your oven for a few hours until completely dry all the way through.

Remember you are drying them not cooking them.  You can also air dry them for a few days.

Time depends on how thick you have made them.  I always put mine at the lowest setting and at the bottom of the oven.

Now it's time to paint.  You can use any colours you choose.  Use acrylic paints to help seal the ornaments. 


Use a sealer (varnish, Mod Podge whichever you prefer) to seal your ornaments to stop them going soft.

Leave to dry and then add some ribbon.


Perfect gifts for family members. 


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