Langland Beach Clean Finds Huge Carpet

No red carpet for fly tippers at Langland Bay

Beach cleaners find a whole floor covering among the usual bottles and butts!

Almost 30 volunteer beach cleaners turned out to help the Marine Conservation Society(MCS) give Langland beach it's annual spring clean on one of the warmest days of the year so far.

But the heat was really turned up when volunteers found themselves unearthing an entire carpet as well as the usual beach litter suspect of bottles, bags, plastic bits and polystyrene.

The large, 15ft x 10ft, synthetic carpet took volunteers about an hour to unearth, digging all the way round then gradually pulling it out from the sand before carrying it away to be binned.

Langland Bay has been cleaned four times a year by MCS staff and volunteers for over 10 years. Volunteers clean a wide expanse of beach but also record everything they find over a designated 100m stretch. Langland volunteers recorded 95 bottle caps, 700 pieces of broken plastic, 59 crisp packets, 24 metal bottle tops and 30 cigarette stubs in the 100m stretch alone.

MCS Head of Conservation Wales, Gill Bell, said the amount of litter found on Langland in just a few hours shows that much needs to be done to ensure the beaches of Wales are safe for both human and wildlife visitors: "The carpet aside – which could have been fly-tipped or left behind after a beach party – it's the smaller stuff that we can all have a hand in reducing when it comes to beach litter. We're calling on the Welsh Government to introduce a Deposit Return System (DRS) across Wales – where people can return their bottles and cans and get their deposit back – as well as committing to make sure takeaway containers to be fully compostable."

MCS hopes its petition will get at least 5,000 sign ups which will trigger a debate in the Welsh Assembly. The petition is live until April 18th 2017 and you can sign up here - bit.ly/2mXApZq

The next clean at Langland Bay will be on Sunday 16th July starting at 11am.