The Cold Truth


Homelessness is REAL!  Siany is bringing you The Cold Truth.

She’s taking a close at look at homelessness in South West Wales and finding out exactly how we can give a helping hand this winter. Together we can make a difference. Everyone deserves a home.

On this page, you can find more details on each charity and story that Siany features on air, PLUS how YOU can directly help someone in need.

How can you help?

Each charity is different and needs different things at different times of the year. We have put together a wish list of all the items currently needed below. Take a look and if you can help, please drop off to The Wave and Swansea Sound Head Quarters.

Clothing and Shelter Essentials  
Items Charity
Rucksacks Caring For The Community
Sleeping Bags Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Tents Caring For The Community
Warm Blankets
Hats Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Warm Jumpers Caring For The Community
Waterproofs Caring For The Community
Male and Female Trainers Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Women's and Men's Jogging bottoms Small - Large Caring For The Community
Batteries and / or torches Caring For The Community
New Socks Caring For The Community/ The Wallich/Zacs Place
Beanies Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Scarves Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Gloves Caring For The Community/The Wallich
Umbrellas Caring For The Community
Purses/Wallets Caring For The Community
Back packs Caring For The Community
Hot water bottle Caring For The Community
Pyjamas Caring For The Community
Soft furnishings/cushions/photo frames Caring For The Community
Small alarm clock Caring For The Community
Calendars/diaries Caring For The Community
Men's Jeans 30in - 34in The Wallich
Women's Jeans 8 - 14 The Wallich
Men's Jogging Bottoms Small - X Large The Wallich
Women's Jogging Bottoms Small - Large The Wallich
Men’s Trainers / Boots 8 - 11 The Wallich
Women’s Trainers / Boots 4 - 8 The Wallich
Men’s Underwear (boxers) NEW Small - X Large The Wallich
Women’s Underwear NEW 8 - 14 The Wallich
Socks Men’s and Women’s All sizes The Wallich
Men’s Fleeces and Hoodies Small - X Large The Wallich
Women’s Fleeces and Hoodies 8 - 14 The Wallich
Warm scarves, gloves and hats   The Wallich
Men and Women's Trainers   The Wallich
New underwear S / M / L Zacs Place
Items Charity
Wet Wipes Caring For The Community/YMCA/The Wallich
Roll on (not spray) Caring For The Community/YMCA/Zacs Place
Sanitary feminine products Caring For The Community/YMCA
Individual packets of tissues Caring For The Community/YMCA
Toothbrushes Caring For The Community/YMCA
Toothpaste Caring For The Community/YMCA
Grooming sets for men Llamau
Hairdryer Llamau
Brushes Llamau/The Wallich
Hair accessories Llamau
Manicure set Llamau
Perfume/after shave Llamau
Shower Gel Llamau/The Wallich
Make Up Llamau
Nail Varnish Llamau
Shampoo The Wallich
Towels The Wallich
Small packs of tissues The Wallich
Items Charity
Individual packets of crisps Caring For The Community
Bottles of water Caring For The Community
Sweets Caring For The Community
Chocolate Caring For The Community
Sugary treats Caring For The Community
Individual biscuits Caring For The Community
Pot Noodles Caring For The Community
Tinned Food YMCA
Dried Foods YMCA
Pasta/Rice/Lentils YMCA
Cereals YMCA
Powdered milk YMCA
Pet Food YMCA
Sweets/chocolate/biscuits Llamau
Dishwasher tablets  
For Children  
Items Charity
Toys Llamau
Games Llamau
Travel Games Llamau
Puzzle Books Llamau
Gift vouchers Llamau
Headphones Llamau
Stationery Llamau
Pens/pencils/colouring pens Llamau
Folders Llamau
Watercolour painting set Llamau

Please remember that items given to the homeless should be wherever possible lightweight as storage is obviously an issue. Jumpers etc should be thin and lightweight as being able to dry thicker clothes is extremely hard.

Please Remember:

  • Do not donate the following due to limited storage available:

    • Duvets, pillows, curtains, electric items, dresses, cutlery, crockery, handbags

  • That donated clothes should be on the smaller size rather than XL

  • Travel size toiletries are much easier to carry

  • That items given to the homeless should be wherever possible lightweight as storage is an issue and drying thicker clothes is extremely hard

Featured On Air Charities and Stories

Together we CAN make a difference! 

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